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Students at Bluebonnet Elementary use technology everyday. Students use computers in the classrooms to work on reading, math, language arts, science, social students, and special projects. Each class is also scheduled in the computer lab every week to learn computer applications. Bluebonnet teachers follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Technology to guide the curriculum.

Students are trained every semester on the proper use of the Internet. All grade levels use the Internet for instructional activities. Students are not allowed to surf (search) the Internet. All sites are previewed by teachers or the technology instructional mentors before students can visit the site. Students are only allowed to explore preset links. The LISD Elementary Internet Resources site is maintained by LISD elementary technology instructional mentors. The LISD Technology Acceptable Use Policy is also available on the district website.

At Bluebonnet, students have access to:

  • 5 computers in the classroom
  • Interactive whiteboards in grade 3 to 5 classrooms
  • Document cameras in grade PK to 2 classrooms
  • Computer lab with 25 student computers
  • 6 student computers in the library
  • Data projectors in all classrooms
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital video cameras
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Interactive response system

Software programs available to students include:

  • Accelerated Reader
  • CompassLearning Odyssey
  • TechKnowledge
  • Pearson SuccessNet
  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Word (K to 5th)
    • Microsoft Excel (K to 5th)
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (K to 5th)
    • Microsoft Publisher (3rd to 5th)
    • Microsoft Access (4th to 5th)
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Windows Internet Explorer
  • World Book Online
  • EBSCO Online
  • Learn About ABCs and Letter Sounds (Pre-K to 1st)
  • Millie's Math House (Pre-K to 1st)
  • Sammy's Science House (Pre-K to 1st)
  • Learn About Life Science: Human Body (K to 2nd)
  • Learn About Life Science: Matter, Measurement and Mixture (K to 2nd)
  • Learn About Life Science: Plants (K to 2nd)
  • Learn About Earth Science: Weather (K to 2nd)
  • Numbers Undercover (K to 3rd)
  • KeySkills: Spelling and Phonics (1st to 3rd)
  • Thinkin' Science (K to 2nd)
  • Zoombinis Logical Journey (3rd to 5th)
  • Career Cruising (5th)
  • Google Earth (Pre-K to 5th)
  • STEMscopes (5th)
  • Keybo (1st to 2nd)
  • Type to Learn (3rd to 5th)
  • Tux Type (Pre-K to 5th)
  • Tux Paint (Pre-K to 5th)
  • The Alamo, Victory or Death (4th)

To access World Book Online and EBSCO from home, please contact the Bluebonnet library at 398-0928.

For more information on technology at Bluebonnet Elementary School, contact Kristi Visage or Suzanne Gaddis , Technology Instructional Mentors: