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I am Amanda Bowles, a 3rd grade teacher at Bluebonnet. I grew up in Lockhart and graduated from Lockhart High School in 2000.  I have had the chance to work at the same school with my Mom and now the same school as my sister-in-law. (Mrs. Owen, Kindergarten)  This is my 13 year teaching.  I have worked with students in grades 2nd, 3rd, and 4th .  My favorite grade to teach is 3rd grade.  I worked at Plum Creek for two years and then transferred to Bluebonnet in 2006.  Both places I worked with wonderful people who have helped me grow as an educator.  


I love teaching and can't imagine doing anything different.  Everyday is an adventure!

Amanda Bowles
Room 130
Phone: 512-398-0900