Letter to parents of Bus 24 with update

April 28, 2017

Dear Parents of Students on Bus 24,

On Wednesday, April 26, the district notified you of the traffic incident caused by the driver of Bus 24.  We stated we would follow up with you once we completed the investigation.

Student Transportation Specialists, or STS, is the company the district contracts to provide student transportation. STS conducted a thorough investigation in accordance with its policies and in compliance with state law. Additionally, STS notified law enforcement so that the appropriate criminal consequences for the driver can be determined. The investigation confirmed and concluded the bus driver made an incredibly dangerous decision that did not comply with the established bus route, placing the safety of our students and others on the road at risk, and causing the 18-wheeler to have an accident. The bus driver also failed to follow safety protocol after the accident. STS terminated the bus driver’s employment yesterday afternoon.

In addition, STS is engaging in detailed discussions with and additional training for each bus driver related to mandatory compliance with routing and safety protocols.

The district extends its deepest gratitude to the driver of the truck. His quick thinking and selflessness prevented a collision with the bus and kept children safe. He put himself at risk to avoid harm to children. We are grateful both he and the children were unharmed.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at Susan.Bohn@lockhart.txed.net.


Susan K. Bohn

Superintendent of Schools

Lockhart ISD