Cisneros and Spillmann Maintain Seats while Lockhart and Burnett Join LISD Board

Caldwell County voters chose LISD School Board seats in all four single-member districts in Tuesday’s election.

Trustee Carl Cisneros of District One maintained his seat with 54 percent of the vote over challenger Beverly Anderson. This will be the second term for Cisneros.

In District Two, Board President Brenda Spillmann maintained her seat with 59 percent of the vote after a challenge by Miguel Islas. This will be her fourth term, having served since 2008.

Districts Three and Four will have new leadership beginning Nov. 17. Jessica Neyman served as Trustee for District Three, but the seat has been vacant since June of this year as Neyman moved out of the district. Becky Lockhart and Bobby Herzog campaigned to fill this seat, ending with 52 percent of the vote for Lockhart.

Warren Burnett challenged Jon Reyes for District Four and secured the seat with 54 percent of the vote. Reyes was elected in 2012, serving one term.

“The role of the Board in shaping education for our students is critical. Each election, the community actively participates in choosing representatives to bear this tremendous responsibility,” said Superintendent Susan Bohn. “We thank Mr. Reyes for his dedication to the students and staff of LISD, and we welcome Ms. Lockhart and Mr. Burnett to the Board. We look forward to continuing the work of providing an exceptional learning experience for each and every LISD student.”

The Board will meet at Lockhart Junior High School Thursday, Nov. 17 for final canvassing and swearing-in of the Board members. The Board will also vote for its officers at the meeting.